Application Guidelines [full details of each Space type]

SPACE B (Vehicle Display Stand)

* 4 units maximum per Exhibitor

SPACE B IS EXCLUSIVE FOR VEHICLE ON DISPLAY. No demonstration or stand customization permitted.

Vehicle Display

Stand Customization



Booth Girls

Display other than Vehicle

Jack-up / Wheel Removal


Stand Size3m width × 6m depth

* Space B is for displaying one vehicle per unit only.

Demonstration, stand customization, and stage effect such as sound (including car audio systems), booth girls appearance, screening and lighting (including headlights, neon tubes and LEDs) are strictly prohibited in Space B. If your participation comes with any of the above, you must apply for Space C, D, E or F.

Always keep your vehicle within your own stand. Such is the case with minivan leaving a tailgate open. Otherwise you must apply for Space C, D or F.

No items other than vehicles may be displayed, or no stand customization allowed in Space B. Don't decorate your vehicle excessively.

No equipment of audio, video or lighting (including the use of car audio systems) allowed.
* Neon tubes, LEDs or headlights mounted in and out of the vehicle are likewise prohibited.

A needle-punched carpet, a spec board and a set of two truss pillars with two spotlights (see the illustrations far below) are included in this package.

For-hire counter, stool and brochure/flyer shelf can be ordered separately (charged option).
Your own fixtures or fittings must not be installed in the stand.

No carpet replacement or floor-lifting under any circumstances allowed. On top of this, jacking up the vehicle (in whole or in part) and removing tyres/wheels for demonstration purposes are prohibited.

Always store your spare sets of brochure/flyer in an out-of-sight place. For safety and aesthetic reasons, never leave them on the floor.

No booth girls can be featured.

Always keep your vehicle within your stand. "One vehicle per unit" is the show policy which is true for 2 or more units. See the illustrations right below.



No electricity will be supplied in Space B.

Generating electric power using car batteries to perform demonstrations, such as activating car navigation system and dashboard, is prohibited.

Rule violations have increased over the last years. Such violations not only can cause troubles with other Exhibitors, but it may spoil visitors' enjoyment. Always observe the rule.



Space B consists of:

2 x Truss pillars installed in every two units
(both in front and rear)
Needle-punched carpet laid alternately in shading of grey
2 x Spotlights one at the front and the other at the rear
* Primary distribution and electricity charges during the course of the show also included in this package.

No decor, fixtures or fittings to customize your stand (including flags, banners and/or counters/desks) allowed.

Although the truss pillars are strongly anchored in the floor, never attempt to climb up on them for any reason whatsoever. The spotlights positioning will be performed by TASA.

Do not decorate the truss pillars with anything including flying flags/banners. Do not prop anything against the pillars.

• Space assignments will be made by TASA.

We are unfortunately unable to guarantee the assignment of your Space B to adjoin any other Space types you concurrently apply for.


Member: ¥220,000 (tax included) per unit

Associate: ¥242,000 (tax included) per unit