TOKYO AUTO SALON ASSOSIATION strongly recognize the importance of our costumers private information (name, address, telephone number or any information with which you could identify our user). Here's our privacy policy to gather, use, protect those data properly.

  1. Fix our standard about personal information protection. Put the administrator to supervise those data properly.
  2. Define the purpose of using personal information. Gather, use them within the definition by proper method.
  3. Define the purpose when gathering the personal information.
  4. We do not give/show personal data without permission in advance, except when obliged by law.
  5. Keep personal information by proper method for required period. Dispose them properly when we do not need them anymore.
  6. We enter into a contract when we entrust to using personal data to the properly selected third party.
  7. Cope with an inquiry from the user about their personal data, for reasonable period.
  8. Keep update our privacy policy continuously.