Registration Timeline

All applications for the 2018 show must be submitted online through TOKYO AUTO SALON official website.
The official website also is where TASA posts announcements and updates on the show as well as where you go through participation-related procedures. Please ensure you have Internet access and an email address before starting your application process.

Early July

TASA sends “TOKYO AUTO SALON 2018 - EXHIBITORS GUIDE” out to prospective Exhibitors

Tue 1 August at 10:00

Registration is open.

* All applications must be made online.
* No overdue applications can be accepted.

Thu 10 August at 24:00

Registration is closed.

Early September

"Acceptance Letter" is sent out to you.

* Registration is legally binding for you upon issuance of the Acceptance Letter.

Late September

TASA sends you the invoice for your participation.


Early October

TASA sends another booklet "Exhibitor's Guidelines" out to those whose application has been accepted.

TASA may change some contents of the regulations described on this "Applicant's Guide" (the booklet you are now reading) when necessary. Such changed contents will be shown on the Exhibitor's Guidelines.

Late October

You are required to begin arranging for paperwork.

Early November

Floor Plan and Exhibitor List are sent out to you.

Fri 24 November

Due date for payment.

Early December

Passes/tickets are sent out to you.

Mid December

Deadline for the paperwork.

Fri 12 Jan to Sun 14 Jan

“TOKYO AUTO SALON 2018” takes place.

A list of the paperwork

Period : Late October to Mid December

• Registration of your vehicle to be displayed;
• Providing specifications on your vehicle to be displayed;
• Advising us what prize(s) you can offer to survey responders;
• Registration of your contractor(s);
• Request for extra passes/tickets;
• Exhibitor's information to be published on the website;
• Applying for electricity supply;
• Applying for anchor installation; and
• Applying for equipment rental.